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We at the Minnesota Web Studio have been developing computer applications for over 35 years.  We have two basic business rules that we have found work for us:

  1. Listen to our customers
  2. Keep it Simple

Developing websites and applications is our passion.  If you have a special need that you want included in your website we will build it for you so that it is completely integrated with the look and feel of your website and will follow our “easy to use” principles.

When setting up a website you can stage the size of the server that you need to run the website according to the traffic that you anticipate to receive, thereby minimizing your expense.  Contact us for a free evaluation and pricing of your server needs.  There are many options open to you and we can assist.  We can organize the purchase and setup of your server or we can run your website on one of our servers.

We are based in Hastings, Minnesota.  You can use the Contact Us screen below or you can email tim.auld@MinnesotaWebStudio.com or you can call us at 651 788 6641.




| from our clients
Paula Leopold
Paula Leopold Vermillion River Watershed Authority
Tim and his team have done an excellent job of listening to us and building the website that is just what we needed
David Teisler - President/Auctioneer
David Teisler - President/Auctioneer Stamporama.com
I’ve had the great good fortune to work with Tim for the last 4 years.  Tim is the web master for an organization of which I am president (it’s a philatelic organization, an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society).  Tim took over a moribund website and invigorated it by giving us more options, easier utility, and consistent look and feel among the various aspects that had been cobbled together from various programs prior to his coming.  Tim’s genius is his ability to see what is possible and do it; his grace is his instinct to ask others what they want to see on the web site.  And while he speaks with an Australian accent, he speaks in a language we non-technical people understand.



The Team

| Behind the Scene

Tim AuldTim Auld is a software developer with 35 year experience in building computer applications on every type of computer platform that you can think of.  He has been building web applications since 2002.  Tim now specializes in building websites and applications using PHP and WordPress because of the power and flexibility of these technologies.






The following are some examples of our recent work. Click on the arrows on the left and the right to scroll through the pictures.  Click on one of the pictures to see a larger version.  Close the larger picture by clicking the “X” in the top right hand corner of the picture.



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